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I'm an average middle class small business owner, living a comfortable (relatively), honest life in a typical suburb of a large city.  I'm married (happily), live in a tiny house (to save money), drive a old Toyota, (to save more money), and plug away at the Omnipresent-Pile-O-Bills just like the rest of the working world.  I don't own any pets because I'm brutally allergic to fur.  (If your interested, I'm also allergic to dust, spiders, pollen, mold, mildew, grass, mites, feathers, work and waking up. And yes, I have stocks in Kleenex.)

arrow2.gif (105 bytes) I just want to get away from the rat race for a while...

I don't have the best credit, look like a Baywatch hunk, or bench more than I weigh. Visit my eating delight diet page.   Truth be told, I'm a pretty mediocre cook (just ask my wife) and prefer simple foods, like frozen tortellinies, (yum!) and Taco Bell (double yum!) to more exotic foods (although I did have this seafood platter once that was pretty incredible).

As you can tell, I sometimes dabble in web design work.  I also like to occasionally go People Staring. (That's when you just sit somewhere busy and stare at people. It's a lot of fun, really.) Some of my hobbies include skiing (although not much anymore since I can't afford it), swimming, reading and electronics.

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I'm sure that if I sweated and saved furiously for years and years I'd be able to come up with enough money to travel the world, but I'd probably break my brittle old bones climbing onto the plane, and have killed my retirement savings. I've got no problem earning what I get in life and I firmly believe in hard work, but a gift would sure be nice!

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