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free money get rich normal quick money free Gimme A Buck!?

Be part of the internet revolution and help make my wife and I the first people to get rich from everyday generosity!Yes, that's right. This website is a humorous, yet serious approach to online begging. I'm hoping that the generosity of normal everyday people like yourself will help me get rich!

If everyone who visits this site were to "gimme a buck", my life would be much better. My future would be secure I could finally afford to pay off all my debts, buy a decent car, go back to school, and maybe even have enough left over to help the poor!

Come on folks, this ain't no scam!

It's just a wacky idea that you probably wish you had thought of first.

If you send me a dollar it's because you like the idea and were amused. Period.

You have an opportunity to dramatically help two people's (me and my lovely wife) lives. But it will only happen if you do it now! You can send your buck (or bucks!!) by credit card, PayPal , or snail mail - you hold the power!

Sure, it's nutty....but you know, it just might work!

Invest in the entrepreneurial spirit!

Send me a buck today!

In exchange for your dollar (yes, you actually do get something!), you can:

  • struggle through the funny pages and other kind-of funny pages of this website. (There's a lot of crap.. er.. stuff.. so press CTRL-D at any time to bookmark the website, and then come back later to finish!)
  • post a short notice on the message board. You can say hi to a relative, solicit e-mail buddies, or show off your marketing savvy by advertising your website, whatever you want.   (You have to actually send me a buck before you can post anything.)
  • one day say to yourself, "Hey honey, I helped that guy on Letterman get rich off the internet!"

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Here's another way to look at it - if you surf through the site and chuckle even once, then Gimme A Buck (please) as "payment".  Heck, isn't a sort-of laugh worth one measly dollar!?  Think about how much you would pay to go see some crappy movie. Don't you think a buck for a laugh is a pretty fair deal? So does my wife!  (But of course she's just saying that so you'll send the dollar.  I told her that when we hit $1,000 I'll buy her some flowers... She really thinks the whole idea is nuts.) 

All currencies are welcome!   Send your shillings, francs, drachmas, rupees, shekels, deutsch marks, lire, pesos, guilders, pounds, rands and kronor today! (Email me if I missed yours)

Sure, it's nutty....but you know, it just might work.  Come on, invest in the entrepreneurial spirit for one lousy buck!

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Just reach into your wallet, and gimme a buck today!

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