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Eating Delight Special
Hi-cal Diet


There are an awful lot of diets out there promising enormous weight loss in a short amount of time.  I weigh a modest 155 lbs, which is a nice average weight for my height of 5'10 1/2".  It was suggested to me by a good friend, that I host my dietary behavior so that others may enjoy the proportioned weight I have achieved.

I may not be Fabio, but I'm no John Goodman either. (No offense John)

arrow2.gif (105 bytes) Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.  It's where you get most of your morning energy for hard working activities like typing and driving your car.  It is a little known fact that there are a few Burger King establishments that will still serve Whopper Combos (currently combo option #1) before the traditional start of lunch.

If you are fortunate enough to know of one of these locations, take advantage of the wonderful morning experience of Beef and carbohydrates that can be had.  I, personally, go for the No-Pickle, No-Tomato, No-Onion Whopper, but the beauty of Burger King is the topping selection.

Of course, on particularly rough mornings, the "Go Large" option is always nice.

Unfortunately, I now live out of range of one of these establishments. Not to fear, I've found a sufficient replacement for this perfect breakfast.  Drop by a Seven-11 and grab yourself a 1-liter of Coca Cola and some of those little chocolate doughnuts!  Lots of energy for fighting that morning rush-hour can be supplied by these tasty food items.

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arrow2.gif (105 bytes) Lunch

Lunch is a great time to dig into a good thick steak.  At least once a week I like to take a trip over to the nearest decent restaurant and plow into a 12 inch sirloin or T-bone slab of meat.  Forget that side of vegetables, or the wimpy side of salad.  Just give me a mountainous glass of Coca Cola and a sharp knife.  Potatoes are a nice addition to this meal, but be sure to opt for the fried variety as opposed to the baked.  This ensures a good dose of saturated fat.

arrow2.gif (105 bytes) Dinner

Dinner is my favourite meal.  In the summer, I love to stroll out on to the deck (actually it's more of a hole in the ground where the entrance to our basement suite is) and sling a big juicy steak or two on the grill. Something about the hot flames licking the fresh meat makes me drool like one of Pavlov's dogs.

I've found the best way to get just the right steak is to get that grille just as hot as you can, then get the steak just as close to the flames as possible, and sear the Heck out of both sides of the steak - taking care not to cook the insides too much.

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Another neato trick I've come to rely upon is to melt a half stick of butter in a pan prior to cooking the steak.  Stir in your favourite salts, spices and such, and then pour the molten butter-spice broth onto both sides of the meat allowing it to congeal.  When the steak finally hits the grille, that butter-spice broth fries the taste right into the meat like nothing you've ever tasted!

arrow2.gif (105 bytes) Health Claims

What would a diet be without some health claims/information.  I guarantee the following:

  1. My diet will increase your cholesterol and make for strong, hard arteries!
  2. You will LOSE at least 50 lbs. in 150 years!
  3. If you do not LOSE 50 lbs. in 150 years you will be given $1000 cash!

Happy dieting!  Send your comments or suggestions here.

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