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arrow2.gif (105 bytes) If you've got money to burn, step up and take your turn!

There are so many ways to spend money in the world.  What with a never ending list of consumer goods to purchase, homes to build, yachts to buy, politicians to buy, and governments to overthrow, it can become a rather harrowing task to figure out what to buy next!  I'll bet you've had enough of the teary-eyed activists begging for your cash, or the endless droaning of the less fortunate.

arrow2.gif (105 bytes) And enough already of those people pretending to be your friend in hopes of grabbing a buck!

I'm not going to pretend - I've come to help!  I'm providing an incredibly effective way for you to spend your money without any pretense of destitution or "lifelong friend" proclamations.  Hey, I just want enough to pay the bills, take my wife out for a fancy dinner, and maybe buy a tv, car, boat, and a house.  You can help me do it!

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How many times have you burned up a cool million at the blackjack table?  How many times have you slapped down the high plate cost to go to another cheesy political fundraiser?  How many times have you bought up a nifty car, decked out your happenin' pad, or bought yourself out of a bad situation?  Wouldn't this donation be so much more interesting?   You could alter the course of two average folk's lives forever!   And with your money, you could come along for the ride on our world tour! (Subject to my wife's permission, of course.)

arrow2.gif (105 bytes) I know what you're thinking - "There's got to be a catch!"

Nope.   No catch. It's just like I said, I'll take your money, and you can watch me spend it.   Easy, affordable, and worth the effort to pick up the pen and cut the check (or have your accountant do it if you don't do that sort of thing).   Imagine my surprise and glee when I open the mail and discover the check for a <insert your preferred donation amount here> dollars!  Or better yet, email me and we'll do lunch and talk it over! (And as long as you pay, of course.)

Heck, if I were in your position, I'd make the contribution, too!  (Probably.)  So, visit the How To Send Your Money page and do the right thing!  Thanks for visiting the site!

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