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Movie Star, Rock Star, And Celebrity Suggestions


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Probably the most interesting job in the world would be that of a celebrity.  Fame, fortune and success must be an overwhelming force to contend with.  But I feel I'm up to the challenge!  You've got the rare opportunity to offer me something no other contributor could: Your Influence!

arrow2.gif (105 bytes) I'd love it if you provided me an obscenely high paying acting job in a big, high-budget film

I realize that I'm probably not the most talented performer on the face of the planet, but I'm better than some of the schmoes I've seen on film. Sure, I'm not some celebrity's kid, or a wealthy dabbler in the theater, but I figure you'd appreciate my candor in wanting your unqualified support.

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And anyway, the money would certainly help me achieve my primary goal, which is of course to have enough money to pay the Omnipresent-Pile-O-Bills and take my wife out for a fancy dinner.  (And maybe buy a newer car, and house)  Wouldn't your part in this adventure add a little spice to your up and coming biography?  Wouldn't it spark a certain intrigue among your fans?  Wouldn't it put you in touch with the common folk?  (Wouldn't it be cool for me to be in a real live Hollywood movie??)

Hey, I'm a hard worker! I've worked all of my adult life!  I'd be on time, I'd memorize lines!  I'd gladly accept the job offer!  It's got to beat humdrum tapping of keys in hopes of building a more efficient program, or doing piddly little web designs, or going back to school - again...

Sure, I'd have to endure the hardships of instant fame and the pesky paparazzi snapping photos of my beach outings, but I can certainly roll with the punches.  I can handle the award shows, the hip fund-raisers, the talk show appearances, and all those evening party engagements. I'm tough!  I know I can do it!

Your part in all this is easy!  Set it up, e-mail me the details and I'm there baby!  Even if it's a bit part (that pays a mint) I'd do it!

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arrow2.gif (105 bytes) Have your people call my people

I'm looking forward to your offer.  I'm sure if the money's right, I'd love to take you up on an offer I can't refuse.  But act soon!  With all of those big time opportunities heading this way, I might not be available for long!  You might even consider authorizing me to post your picture, autographed to "Gimme A Buck (please)" and comments on a page for general viewing.  Or maybe, in an effort to make the next Oscar award winning speech more interesting, you could tell the world about my wacky site!   Call me.  We'll do lunch.  (As long as you pay)

arrow2.gif (105 bytes) I want to be a rock star!

If you're an incredibly popular rock and roll star, I've got great ideas for you!  Mention my site at a major concert!  It doesn't matter what type of music you sing, or the types of audiences you play to, as long as you distribute the message loud and clear.  If you feel a bit uneasy about promoting my web site on stage, heck, I'll do it.  I don't have stage fright and would love the opportunity to sing along to some of your tunes, maybe give the lead singer(s) a rest for a bit.  I'm very flexible about this option, and welcome your ideas.

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