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In The Beginning...


Many of you have written and asked how the heck I came up with such a stupid... er... I mean wonderful... idea as this website. Well - glad you asked!   It's a nice little story (I think), so sit back and relax...

There I was sitting at my desk (imagine), staring at the Omnipresent-Pile-O-Bills, when I realized I was losing my voice from all the moaning and groaning.  I'd had enough for one evening so I flipped on my almost-good stereo and started surfing the web on my under-equipped yet wildly expensive PC when, suddenly, the answer to my financial woes hits me. 

I get excited...

"I could sell something on the Internet and make money, too!"

Yes! That's it!  That's the answer!  I could sell some sort of Crap on the net and make a fortune!  I'll be rich!  Yippee!!  

I get really excited...

After my wife douses me with a bucket of water (I must have passed out from the intoxicating effects of thinking about a bazillion dollars of my very own) I awoke with the realization that I was only missing one little thing to make my dream come true -- The Crap.  I had nothing to sell.  No Crap whatsoever.  Not even little miniature glass poodles or dried smoked salmon jerky. 

I get depressed... 

After that moment, I spent months trying to think of something great to sell online.  Every single thing that anyone ever mentioned or that I saw (just ask my family!) was met with a hearty "Hey, maybe I could sell that online!"  Unfortunately, nobody wanted to let me sell *their* Crap, and I'm much too untalented to make anything myself.

I get even more depressed...

So one evening, I'm back at the desk again staring at the Omnipresent-Pile-O-Bills when I have another glorious revelation!

"What if a million people sent me a dollar!?"

I can hardly contain my excitement!   I scribble down my ideas and then go and tell my wife all about it. (By this time it was 2 o'clock in the morning, so she wasn't as impressed with my revelation.) I was so excited and inspired that I stayed up for almost 2 days straight! I told all my friends, co-workers, and everyone else I met about my idea, but nobody thought it was very good. Rubbish! I was confident that there are enough kind-hearted and generous people on the internet (you!) that I would finally have some financial freedom.

So after many late nights and busy weekends putting everything together, the Amazing "Gimme A Buck" (please) Website was finally launched! Won't you please help me out and gimme a buck today? You can be part of history!

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