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There are many reasons why I think it's a great idea to send me your money. For your convincing, I've listed a few of them below.

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Now, here are even more great reasons to send me your money:

  1. Because the first thing you said was...."Why didn't I think of that!?"

  2. If you get rid of your money, you won't have to pay bank fees.

  3. Help eliminate NASA. Your buck brings me that much closer to getting a TV so I can watch Star Trek. Much more educational then staring at Mars!

  4. Money can lead to self-destructive habits like drinking and drug abuse. Do you really want to become a crack addict?

  5. Show off your incredible marketing savvy by advertising your own website on our message board.  Wouldn't you pay a dollar to bring new traffic to your site?  - Sure you would!

  6. Because it's better and cheaper than pay TV!

  7. Having too much money has been associated with idleness, which can cause ill health and possibly even death.

  8. Having less money makes you a more prudent shopper.

  9. If you don't have any money, you don't have to figure out what to spend it on.

  10. You might lose it in the sofa if you don't give it away.

  11. You'd probably just waste it on something you don't really need.

  12. If you send me the dollar, you won't feel guilty when you steal all of the groovy animated gifs.  (Which were designed exclusively for this site!)

  13. Because it feels really good to support a creative idea.  (Doesn't it?)

  14. Money is the root of all evil. Why not let me help you get it out of your life?!

  15. Giving is good for your soul!  Think of all the Bad things you've done in your life... this is your chance to do something Good.  (And, it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.)

  16. "Hey honey, it's that 'Gimme A Buck' guy on the Letterman Show!"

  17. Did you know that a thick wallet is actually bad for your back?  Yup, somehow the offsetting position when sitting makes it hard on your back.  So you want to know how to get rid of that? Well, I have a suggestion... Send me a buck (or more if you really care about your health).  After this, your back would be better, and I get another dollar.  Both happy.  Seems like no trouble, hey?

  18. Because you like the idea and were amused by the whole thing.    Period.

  19. I win the prize for being the most pathetic person you've ever heard about.  And the prize is a buck.

  20. People with money are frequently targeted by thieves and kidnappers.

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