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The Rich Jerk Review


Making Money Online - The Rich Jerk (A review by

This is my "Rich Jerk review."

Ok first things first.. please don't click that banner, it is just here as an example of this guy's ego!

If you are looking for the official rich jerk website rather than this review, you can find it here.

I had the opportunity to read The Rich Jerk's e-book the other day and I figured this would be a good time to post a review. I found a banner advertising it on the million dollar home page which said something like "haha I'm rich and your not" (note the misspelling of you're). Ok you'd think this jerk would be able to afford someone to spell check his advertisements, but anyway... I thought to myself "wow, what an asshole" and after reading his website I knew I was right. He has an ego the size of China, and it is questionable just how rich he really is. His web site has supposed proof of his huge paychecks. Is he really that wealthy? Perhaps. He claims if you took away his money he could get it all back within a year if given a copy of his book. He purports to be that guy you see driving the Ferarri thinking "look at that jerk". You can see what I mean about the ego in the banner above.

He claims to be able to show you how to become rich by creating and advertising web sites. If you are proficient with the Internet and computers you have a better chance of making use of the tips he presents. If you are an existing webmaster and have your own web server already, you are pretty much setup to put his ideas into motion. I don't think that any of his ideas will make you rich overnight, since it takes time/money/effort to get something like this going, but it is definitly easy to try. It would help to have a few hundred dollars handy to get some of these ideas put into motion faster, but it isn't required. The more resources you have availble to fund this venture the better off you'll be and the faster you'll be able to get the money rolling in. Prior to reading this book I thought I knew quite a bit about google adwords/adsense and other forms of generating revenue with affiliate programs, but I was wrong.

I let the ideas presented in The Rich Jerk Book marinate in my head for a couple of days before I suddenly had an epiphany and had to rush home to put them into motion. I don't want to go into details about my other sites/ventures/ideas but time will tell whether it works out or not. The Jerk is so confident that his book will blow your mind that he's offering a money back guarantee, so I don't see what there really is to lose. The price is very good considering the content, and I can't imagine putting these ideas to work and not having them pay for the book at least ten times over. He is so confident that his book will put you on the right track to making serious cash that he offers a full guarantee. If you buy the guide, try it, and fail, he is willing to offer personal support and assistance. If that fails he'll happily give you a refund.

Many of the methods provided in this e-book are not limited to webmasters, as it covers a few ways of making online such as buying items wholesale and reselling them, as well as selling items on ebay and drop shipping. There are a few other things as well which can be utilized without being a webmaster, but I feel that many of them would require additional investigation and research prior to diving in. This isn't to say they aren't good ways to make money, but dumping a pile of money into something seems silly if you don't know anything about it. You wouldn't go spend $300 on a stock you don't know anything about just because someone told you it was good would you? If the answer is no, then you are like me. Unless you already have piles of money laying around.. and if you did you certainly wouldn't be here reading this!

Only time will tell if these methods are truely effective or not. You have to find a niche to fill that isn't already highly competitive. This I believe is the key to making money online. Find your niche and fill it. You'll hear people say it a million times. You'll never be able to compete on the search engines for the most popular keywords. You're better off ranking #1 for a less popular keyword than you are ranking #93 for a very popular one. Anyway, I am straying off the subject here. I do know one thing for a fact, that guy truely is a jerk!

Having a small network of web sites of my own, I decided it was time to step them up a notch. I work a normal job during the day and take home a decent salary. I decided that it would be extremely stupid of me not to invest some of my regular income toward generating additional income for me (in addition to my normal investments). Using extra money that I already get on a regular basis to generate more profit for me sounds obvious, but I don't know why I didn't think of it before. I was spending it on performance car parts, computer stuff, movies, etc. Well now I re-invest the money I get out of my sites and am using it to build my Internet Empire. See my other article about my Search Engine Optimization guide for more information about this. By this time next year I plan to make 4x as much money from my web sites as I do right now. You could easily do the same thing.

This guide also has a section about making web sites that sell. It has some very good information about writing good sales copy. If there's one thing I personally suck at, it is selling things. I hate selling things, even to people that want to buy products from me.

The Jerk feels that selling an informational product online is the easiest way to get rich. You create a product of your own and let some affiliates sell it for you. All you need is to write a good sales copy (there's a great section in the book about this), create a product of some kind that people want (get rich, lose weight, etc). All you need to do is provide the download and let a company like clickbank handle the payment portion. With a bit of promotion and a product to sell you can get other webmasters to sell it for you with an affilate program. I have my email setup to send a message to my cell phone when I make a sale and to me there's no better feeling than getting a message telling me I made some money while I'm on on vacation, or driving down the freeway. Both of those things have happened to me in the past week (woohoo!). I may not be a rich jerk yet, but I am looking forward to getting there.

Personally I think this book is good enough to recommend to close friends, which I have already done. I even think it is good enough to tell them to buy their own copy of the book rather than pirating it. It is very easy to read, and kept me reading for a long time the first day. I found the jerk to be extremely motivating, and well worth the minimal cost. This is huge because getting me this excited about something and ready to act right away isn't easy. Also, if you sign up for his affiliate program you can sell it to your friends, which would easily pay for your copy (it would only take 2 referred sales to pay for your book).

In fact, I found this book to be so motivating, I would say that it is worth the price JUST for the inspiration you will get from it, even if the information in it is completely useless to you (which it couldn't be!)

I have been putting some of these ideas to work the past couple months, and last month my sites made a record amount of revenue (2.5 times higher than they've done before). Obviously this means the book paid itself off many many times over already, and things are continuing to increase.

Ok, you made it this far. I highly recommend that you click the "better than you" banner or the link here to go check out his web site. Good luck! See you in the "no longer a slave in my day job working for the man" indepentantly wealthy webmaster club. :)


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