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There are many wonderful (in my totally honest opinion) ways you can help me get the word out about my quest for bucks.. and some will even help me make money!

Try them all... they're fun, fun, fun!

arrow2.gif (105 bytes) Install the popular Firefox web browser.

Join the millions of other internet surfers who are switching to the Firefox web browser, and I''ll make $1.

(Don't worry, its 100% free and you can use Firefox alongside Internet Explorer, so there's no worry about messing up your existing computer system.)

How does it work? Simple. Just click this button, then click the download link and install the software. (It will only take 2 minutes, and is guaranteed by Google! to be spyware-free and virus-free.)

Firefox is the popular new web browser that tons of people are now using. (You've probably already heard of it!) Why are people switching to Firefox? Well, because it is much better then Internet Explorer. Specifically, Firefox does the following great things:

  • Automatically blocks pop-up windows! (No more annoying popup advertisements! Yaa!!!)
  • It's way more secure against viruses and spyware.
  • Has lots of easy to use features like "tabbed browsing" to make reading and surfing web pages a lot faster and easier.
  • It keeps Microsoft from controlling the future of the internet. (Ack!!)
  • It's way better for web designers and developers.

Click the above button to download Firefox now.

arrow2.gif (105 bytes) Vote for the software I have written!

Click here to popup a new window and then vote "Excellent". (Then be sure to enter the confirmation number code in the next page to confirm your vote.)

Your vote will help to make my software more popular, and hopefully I'll make more money from it!

If you're interested, my software is a terrific (if I may say so myself) program that allows you to manage your own website content using any web browser. It uses a "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get) system, which is just like Microsoft Word. If you can use Word, you can use my program to manage your website. (

arrow2.gif (105 bytes) Link to me on your website!

Do you have a website? If so, you could put up a link to my website! See the Link To Me page for details.  If you have any graphic design skills (because I obviously don't!) I'm desperately looking for someone to create some nifty banners. (hint)

arrow2.gif (105 bytes) Submit this site to other websites!

There are lots of sites on the web that do nothing but list other websites. If you know about any websites that might be interested in having a link to The Gimme A Buck Site, then please send them an email or submit the "" address.

Go ahead and list me on (or suggest me to) as many sites as you can!

arrow2.gif (105 bytes) Tell your relatives, tell your friends, tell your local newspapers, and write your congressman!

Another way of ensuring this site's continued growth (yes, that's a good thing) is to send the address to all your friends. 

Feel free to use the handy dandy "Send - An - Obnoxious - Message - By - Email - To - A - Friend - Or - Enemy" page to help you out. You can send an email right now to 7 people! WOW!!! What are you waiting for? Please, go ahead, click the link and be part of history!

arrow2.gif (105 bytes) Show your internet savvy and visit me from a Cyber Cafe!

Lastly, if you're really motivated (and possibly a little screwy), you could actually drift into one of those hip new Cyber Cafes and open this web page up... and then walk away.

Wouldn't it be groovy to see my efforts displayed for the public at large? If you're really savvy with computers, you might even decide to set people's home pages to point to my site!  (subtle hint)

-- The possibilities are endless! --

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