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This website is built on the principle that people (me, specifically) should be able to get something for nothing.  However, I'm willing to abandon that principal in favor of prestige and/or wealth.

The prestige sellout starts at $10. For any amount over $10, I'll send you an email whose length in words is equal to the sum in dollars sent. I've entertained a few fantasies about being a successful writer.. and success as a writer, for me, is pretty much synonymous with being paid at least a dollar a word. If you send me ten bucks I'll send you a ten-word email. I get to feel like a real writer, and you get to feel like a real New Yorker.

I may even send you a bonus of a few words!

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The wealth sellout, needless to say, is more expensive - starting at $200. For this sum of money, I will gladly engage in any one of the following activities.

  • Spend one hour in an unpleasant location, impatiently watching a clock, not being permitted to hum or make personal calls. For an extra fifty dollars I will look busy.
  • Suck up to you, or the person of your naming, by laughing at any bad jokes, attributing inspiration to mundane ideas, and not flinching when you use words like 'proactive'.
  • Act in blatant contradiction to my tastes, and beliefs, depending on the sum given. Such activities include, but are not limited to, in ascending order of price:

Wearing suits. Attending office picnics. Posting wacky office humor above my desk. Pretending to be concerned with maximizing profits. Post wacky office humor above my desk that involves a kitten expressing disdain for Mondays. Watching up to three highly embarrassing ads on TV with my mom in the same room. (Like those excruciating maxi-pad commercials)

But wait! There's more!!  

Anyone who gives over $1,000 will receive a pamphlet authored by yours truly entitled "Ten Ways to Better Manage Your Money". 

In addition, anyone who gives over $10,000 will receive a t-shirt that says "I gave $10,000 to some guy on the net and all I got was this lousy T-shirt!" 

Special highroller bonus!

In addition to that, anyone who gives over $100,000 will be thanked heartily by my wife and myself IN PERSON!!! We will both fly directly to your town/village/city and shake your hand!!! (travel expense are extra).

Please!!  Act now!  An offer like this won't be around forever!

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