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Visitor Thoughts
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Good Luck! This is dumb enough that it just may work.

Can I mail you a Japanese Y100 coin? That's almost worth a dollar.
(Sure. Gimme A Yen sounds good)

Are you nuts?

No dollar, but excellent attempt. It's almost worth a buck just to view such a witty and well done site! Good luck and keep up the effort. There's sure to be enough suckers out there to make your efforts worthwhile.

I don't know whether to laugh at this or shake my head in shame at the depths people will sink to.
(I recommend laughing. It's better for you. This advice is free.)

I can see it now. Telethons, Comic Relief, jars in 7-11's, all to help the Homepageless. My dollar will be on the way as soon as I can afford a stamp. I laughed until I stopped.

I think you should send me a dollar for looking at this page!
(And I think you should send one for making me read you stupid comment!)

I am wondering whether a Canadian "loonie" would be acceptable.
(Of course.) (I laugh out loud every time I think about what kind of government would name their dollar a "loonie.")

You can have your dollar! Wrapped around a nuclear bomb!!!!! Go to$#@, ignorant American SCUM!!!!!!!!, wrong message....

you rock

ya bum

Sure, I'll send you a dollar if you send me one to cover the cost of postage in order to send you yours.

Well they say that giving a little is good for the soul , But I will say fair play to you and I cannot knock free enterprise. About all you people who find this page insulting: What is going on?, I can only imagine that your life or job is as boring as mine and that you have nothing better to do. Well thank you for occupying my spare 5 minutes. Good Luck and goodbye. I feel guilty for not giving a dollar but only because people seem to have lost their...

Can you change a fifty?

Click here if you're ready to Gimme A Buck (please).

You're kidding, right?

hummm.. Just to be fair, "YOU" Send me a dollar. Upon reciept of your dollar, i will promply mail you $20. Just a test of human character.

Dollar dollar bo bollar, banana fana fo follar, me mi mo mollar, DOLLAR!

Here's a virtual dollar =$=
(HA HA. That was funny. The *first* time.)

Is it O.K if i send you the South African equivalent of thee dollar....You'll be a millionare

(yes, *Gimme A Krugeraand* would be just fine!)

FUNNY! This site is Hilarious and I think its a GREAT IDEA!!! But Perhaps If You Were to do it a little differently and send ME A DOLLAR I would like the site much more... I will send something back I promise!!! Its a report called "How To Get A Million People To Send You A Dollar" It is GREAT and has taught me a lot about the would of sending money!!! :) So Send Your Dollar To:


(You must understand, of course, that I cannot allow this comments page to become a vehicle for encouraging anyone to send money to anyone other than me)

I have no money!!!! So give me some instead!!!!
(Sure, you go and spend 5 months working on a website and then I'll send you that dollar, ok?)

This is a darn good idea, I wish I had it before. I'll try not to forget to send my dollar now.
(Talking about short term memory loss...jeez)

Are there any franchise opportunities available ????????????

You want my cat?
(Could I sell it for a buck?)

ummm, the cheez flew south for the winter and took all my money sorry

You must (!) be totally mad. Or, the other way, absolutely genius. I'll pray for you, but do you think s o m e o n e out there will forgive

What are you planning to do with a whole three dollars? Cigarettes? A TV dinner? I would send you a dollar, but I'm your competition. I'm the founder of the "Gimme a hundred bucks because I'm in college and can't live on top ramen forever" page. So far I've received a gum wrapper, a blow-up doll named Dan, and some meatcake from my parents fridge. Keep trying, pal.

Click here if you're ready to Gimme A Buck (please).

are you single or married? I am looking for a hunk just like you....we could beg together I think I love you!

Nice laugh.
( ? )

I have one dollar here and could sell it to you for just five bucks.
(Oh. That's a joke? hahaha)

Why can't your cool "Envelope Creation" page make one of those nifty "No Postage Necessary if Mailed in the US" Envelopes?

Sell stock in your company for 1 dollar a stock.... Just make sure that you are on a couple of good standing Mutual Funds list. You will be amazed at the money that will come pouring in. All completely legal too...
(Can you send me some more info on that idea? Anyone?) (If you're a lawyer, can you send me info on how not to get arrested for fraud, too?)

(Sigh. Are you a girl or a boy?)

More Pages Of Thoughts: most recent 5 4 3 2 1

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