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Visitor Thoughts
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You are crazy??? Loco???? Demente???
(No,  No  and No.)

humm, hi. I saw your site address on the newspaper. Your could tell people you're famous. If what you're saying is real. Someday if I find out I will try to send you a dollar. Answer my questions. I'll come back.
(So, what newspaper deemed this site worthy of any ink?   I can't very well tell people that I'm famous if I can't tell them what paper said so.  If you drop on back, let me know what publication it was...)

Ay, Odie and I, your Canadian cousins, were wonderin'- do we send you $1.32 (or more)? Can we send you a loonie alone, or do you want the current exchange rate??

I can't believe that HUNDREDS of people will take the time to view your great website and to even send you their lenghty comments about it but that only 6 of them have taken 1 minute to send you a buck !!! Geezzzz !!! People these days !!!!!
(Ya. Funny isn't it? By the way, I didn't receive *your* dollar yet.)

The dollar is on it's way. Go sit out front and wait for it.

Click here if you're ready to Gimme A Buck (please).

How do we know who the heck you are?
(As a matter of fair play, since I am not asking for any identifying information from you, I am not furnishing any about myself.)  

My dollar is on its way!!!!Anyone who can beg this good can have my money,as matter of fact,im sending you five dollars!!!!!!!
(And anyone who can lie as well as you should be president!)

Yeah?! Well, I'm gonna set up my OWN server...!!! hahahahahahahahahqahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! you are powerless to resist my power, you insignificant peice of adrenalliezed cardboard-loving regurgitated horse turd.

Okay, so .086% of your audience actually shells out a dollar. Just think, only 1,163,000,000 more hits and you'll be a millionaire.

Great Site....... shame you have so many hits and only 7 bucks!
(So, pony up a buck, you cheapskate!)

It's amazing how few people out there actually have a sense of humor, or, for that matter, can spell. Or can communicate in an articulate manner (even marginally). Your site is very amusing. Good luck in your future endeavors.

This is the WORST excuse for money I have ever heard of!! Go pawn someone else with your pathetic stories!!
(Obviously, this person has never heard a fundraising speech for a Democratic candidate!)

I'll send you money if you dance for me. naked.
(Oddly, most people offer me money to keep my clothes on.)

Your web site is so cool and if I had the Money I would send you a million dollars just for this website
(Maybe you know Bill Gates....?)

Page rocks the USSR. If I were to think of something witty and/or charming and/or humorous I'd write it, but instead, I think it'd be in your best interest to simply send you a dollar. I'm going to drop in an HTML tag for my page, and, if, in about a week, you for some reason DON'T receive my dollar, feel free to mock me in red italics.
(One week and Counting...)

You are never going to get my dollar! You are never going to get my dollar!
(This was repeated 4,815 times.  It stopped being humorous after the 1,232nd iteration.)

I think that the people who have money should give a dollar, I mean what is a dollar? To me a dollar is nothing but change, but if you give a dollar then it might mean something to that person you gave it to.

Click here if you're ready to Gimme A Buck (please).

Gday mate! Congrats on the bonza site. Its bewdy. I had a couple o fosters before I came here, and the humor got better... I'll send ya a fair dinkum Auzzie dollar soon. We haven't got notes though, so I'll send you a coin. If you promise to scan the coin as well as the envelope, and put them both up. Cheers, Danos ( fourteen years fighting the Australian Stereotype )
(And loosing.)

never hold a Dustbuster and a cat at the same time.

I actually was going to send you dollar, had the envelope addressed and sealed, even put a sticker on it from a local band. It sat in my car for a few days, then one day I was at McDonald's getting some food. The total was $4.20, but I only had $4.00, so I ripped open the envelope and spent the dollar. What did you expect me to do? Stuff my face with one less 99 cent double cheeseburger? Hardly.

I admit that your site poses an interesting problem for me: on one hand, I want to send you a dollar as I sense it would bring you long-lasting joy, while on the other hand, I want that semi-stale cinnamon "Snakee Kake" in the vending machine in the break room, even though I'm not really hungry and have a box full at my house (which is located a mere 4 minutes away). Hmmmm...I think I'd rather get the Snakee Kake, though I know I probably won't even be able to finish it because I'm so full from the giant sub sandwich I had for lunch.

When I thought about it, a dollar is really nothing. Why not send it to you? Well, because it's nothing, I threw it away.

Just a suggestion: change the site name to "Give Me A D--- Dollar Or So Help Me God I'll Gut You And Your Family From Crotch To Sternum Like A Rainbow Trout"
(Actually, that was already taken by a religous cult based in California)

I can't just GIVE you a dollar--we have to haggle first! I'll start: I'll give you a dime...
(OK, done, you win.  Send me the dime.)

Gimme A Duck?!?! I don't think that's legal...

What a site. I cant see why so many people get so offended by a person who has enough smarts and balls to ask for a dollar on the cyber world. I think it is great. This is the first (give me something) I am going to answer, hell I may even send in a Clinton $3 bill. What a great site. Ken Taylor. Florida

(This was repeated 8,312 times.  It never was really humorous to begin with.)

What a slick, nasty, ugly, lazy, scummy, lowlife webpage! Thanks for the laugh! I'll tell my friends- they fit the same discription! Whats wrong with the world isn't your webpage, it's those that don't laugh!

Pal, all I gotta say is, you're an amatuer. Lemme tell ya a little story. Once I went to a 7-11 with my friend's little brother, Paul, who by the way, is in no way handicapped. I think he was about 12 at the time. As soon as he got to the entrance, Paul twisted up his arms, legs and neck, and gimped over to the slurpee machine. He spent 4 or 5 five minutes fumbling with a cup, filling it up and getting a lid and straw. Then he managed to wedge the drink between his arms and chest, and proceeded towards the check out counter. Only, half way there, he dropped it on the floor. Splash! Pina Colada Slurpee everywhere!! At this point, I had to go to the back of the store to disguise my laughter, but still recieved a very dirty look from some lady who was in the store. So, another 4 minutes or so to produce another tasty beverage, and off he go towards the counter again. He reaches the counter this time, sets the drink down, knocks over the jar set there for Jerry's Kids, spilling change alll over the counter, and says loudly in a slurred but understandable voice, "Jerry said I could have a slurpee!!" Not even waiting to see the counter guy's reaction, he picked up the slurpee and gimps out. I got out of there as quickly as I could to avoid laughing, but not before seeing the guy counting out change from the counter for the slurpee. 'Nuff said.

More Pages Of Thoughts: most recent 5 4 3 2 1

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