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What are you planning to do with the money?
(I'm planning on spending it.)

dude i am writting out an envelope now to send you a dollar with hehe you are a um interesting specimen hehe and you DESIRVE MY DOLLAR! THREE CHEERS FOR THE DOLLAR DUDE! HIP-HIP-HORRRAYYY! *erin*

you are a very, very, very stupid. thanks

I'll send you 100 pennies, wait I like your site so much i'll send you 200 pennies, and i'm not a poor soul i'm a tortured soul!!!!

I would give you a dollar if you gave birth live on the internet



Look, Your only Making a dollar every 1000 people. at this rate you will be dead before you can afford a full tank of gas, let alone a car.

Hi ! my name is Dave Rhodes: Your idea is better than mine and I can't stand it. Couldn't you just make up a list of 10 people, move your name to the top, send the other 9 people a dollar and go from there ? You'll have 1000's of dollars in a few short weeks using my foolproof method.

I promise.

I only give food, not money. Would you like some fried-chicken?

I would send you a dollar, but I would have to have a receipt for the IRS as a non-profit deduction. Sorry.

do you take food stamps?

You, sir, are a genius.

You're a nut

Click here if you're ready to Gimme A Buck (please).

If you holler for a dollar you will only feel sad, For the greedy hate the needy as the sane fear the mad, But there's hope here for your soft soap, dear, and you may even rate some pay, But not from me, mate, I'm in a poor state, So please send me some, without delay! Tiff.

If you holler for a dollar you may never get too rich But it's funny getting money and beats digging in a ditch But I've just blown all my dough on a PC so I can surf the net And until I have earned a mill I think my best wishes are all you'll get. Good luck! Tiff, UK.

I would say you have way too much time on your hands, but then, what the heck am I doing looking at all this junk? I actually feel more inclined to send a dollar to the people who have posted comments on this page.

This is the IRS!!! Based on the amount collected, you owe us $10. Send in tax due by April 15 or pay 20% penalty.
(Gee, I tremble with fear that Janet Reno will prosecute me!)

More Pages Of Thoughts: most recent 5 4 3 2 1

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